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16 Channel Flat-to-LEMO Cable Adapter for V792


The Mod. A392 allows to provide the V792 QDC with LEMO 00 input connectors, when inserted into the Header connectors. The model A392 fits into one 17+17-pin, male Header-type connector and is provided with 16 LEMO 00 female connectors. The devices are completely passive mechanical adapters for analog signals and feature 50 cm ±10% long cables.
Mod. A392M with 1 m ±10% long cables is also available.

Ordering Options

Code Description
WA392XAAAAAA A392 - 16 Channel Cable Adapter (Flat to Lemo) forV792, 50cm ±10% cables  RoHS
WA392XMAAAAA A392M - 16 Channel Cable Adapter (Flat to Lemo) for V792, 1m ±10% cables  RoHS
WA392MCXAAAA A392MCX - 16 Channel Cable Adapter (Flat to MCX) for V792, 50cm ±10% cables  RoHS
WA392MCXMAAA A392MCXM - 16 Channel Cable Adapter (Flat to MCX)for V792, 1m ±10% cables  RoHS