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Scintillating Tile


  • Sensitive volume: 47 x 47 x 10 mm3
  • Scintillator: polystyrene
  • Directly coupled to a SiPM 6 x 6 mm2
  • 20 Paper and Aluminum sheets


The SP5608 is a support with a embedded plastic scintillating tile, directly coupled to a SiPM. The tile, with a sensitive volume of 47 x 47 x 10 mm3, is the ideal tool for tests with beta emitting isotopes and cosmic rays.

The support structure allows to use the SP5608 stand-alone or to use two tile modules to build a cosmic telescope. A special source holder allows to perform beta attenuation measurements in a thin thickness material due to 2mm distance from the scintillating tile.

It is provided by a paper and aluminum sheets.

Ordering Options

Code Description
WSP5608XAAAA SP5608 - Scintillating Tile with Sensor 6x6mm   RoHS


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