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CAEN EASY BRIC1 passed the technical review imposed by the ATLAS collaboration to participate at the tender to power the New Small Wheel detector.

CAEN proudly announces that its new EASY BRIC1 qualified, after the technical review by the ATLAS collaboration, to participate at the tender for the New Small Wheel detector power supplies in hostile area. After a careful test campaign conducted at CERN our newborn of the EASY family, a high-power DC-DC converter called BRIC1 (B and Rad tolerant Intermediate Converted), has been validated to operate in the harsh condition of the ATLAS experimental cavern. This represents for CAEN a huge success of an R&D program that has started in 2016 and will continue in the next years to produce the next generation of power supplies for high energy physics.


CAEN first developed the EASY (Embedded Assembly SYstem) in the late ’90 and it soon became a reference for the physicists at CERN thanks to its scalability and flexibility, qualities firmly needed when building the large LHC experiments. The name BRIC1 has been intentionally chosen to resemble the word “brick” to signify CAEN resolution to build a new system of power supplies, starting from technologies implemented in this first piece and all the experience gathered during the 20 years of LHC operations, and eventually set a new benchmark for the physicist as the EASY was in the early stages of the LHC.

The New Small Wheel (NSW) detector is a gas detector meant to reconstruct muons in the forward area of the ATLAS experiment at LHC. It is one of the first major upgrades to be installed for ATLAS and it will help the experiment to enhance its performance in muon identification and measurement in view of the next years of data taking, with higher and higher instantaneous luminosities.


ATLAS New Small Wheel (NSW) mechanical structure. (Image: © CERN)

For more information about ATLAS experiment https://atlas.cern/

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