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CAEN SyS is the new Systems & Spectroscopy Division of CAEN Spa. Such Division relies upon an extremely strong foundational knowledge of nuclear measurement instrumentation in developing Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions. These systems and solutions are perfectly suited to operations involving Nuclear Fuel Facilities, Nuclear Power Plants, Measurements Laboratories, and Security Applications.

CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy Division is built upon CAEN traditions of teamwork and partnership. Decades of collaboration and co-development with very large international research projects (LHC@CERN, ALMA@ESO, DEAP@SNOLAB, ICARUS@LNGS, XMASS@Kamioka …) have maximized our capability to translate a customer’s needs and expectations into cost-effective and reliable solutions.

CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy Division is committed to delivering exceptional nuclear measurement instrumentation, expertise, and technical support.

GAMON Platform

The GAMON Platform may be tailored to the customer’s specific needs, offering critical advantages and capabilities such as rapid deployment,...

Sniper GN

Detection and localization of radioactive materials such as Special Nuclear Material (SNM) and Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD) Neutron source identification...

DigiWaste Platform

Data Access, quick access to all information produced during the D&D activity cycle Tagging, easy identification and tracking of all...


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