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WP2081 Digital Pulse Processing in Nuclear PhysicsCAENDPPLIB DPP-DAW DPP-PHA DPP-PHA SW DPP-PSD DPP-PSD SW DPP-QDC DPP-ZLEPLUS DPP-ZLEPLUS SW DT5720 DT5720A DT5724 DT5725 DT5730 DT5740 DT5740D DT5742 DT5743 DT5751 DT5761 N6720 N6720A N6724 N6725 N6730 N6740 N6740D N6742 N6743 N6751 N6761 V1720 V1724 V1725 V1730 V1740 V1740D V1742 V1743 V1751 V1761 VX1720 VX1724 VX1725 VX1730 VX1740 VX1740D VX1742 VX1743 VX1751 VX1761 PDF 4 6.16 MB June 13th, 2017
WP4851 - Results of nuclear waste characterization performed throug radhand integrated in the reachtm detector systemRADBASE LICENCE RADHAND 600 PRO RADREAD TABLET PDF 2 1.55 MB August 6th, 2021


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