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AR3184 - Use of a CAEN digitiser for nuclear safeguards and security applications with a scintillator detectorDT5751 N6751 V1751 VX1751 PDF 0 1.97 MB December 1st, 2013
AR5151 - Uncovering Special Nuclear Materials by Low-energy Nuclear Reaction ImagingDT5730 N6730 V1730 VX1730 PDF 0 743.85 kB June 1st, 2017
AR5553 - Neutron-gamma discrimination via PSD plastic scintillator and SiPMsDT5730 DT5751 N6730 N6751 V1730 V1751 VX1730 VX1751 PDF 0 1.39 MB May 11th, 2016
AR2548 - An integrated mobile system for port securityDPP-PSD DT5790 PDF 0 474.49 kB June 7th, 2011
AR2590 - Compact data acquisition and power supply system designed for hostile environment condition concerning radiation and magnetic field PDF 0 1,002.75 kB September 12th, 2005
AR2591 - Radiation tolerance tests for key components of the ALICE TOF Tdc Readout Module PDF 0 177.91 kB June 1st, 2017
AR2610 - Special Nuclear Material Detection Studies With The SMANDRA Mobile SystemDPP-PSD DT5720 DT5720A DT5790 N6720 N6720A V1720 VX1720 PDF 0 133.23 kB July 21st, 2011
AR2611 - High Rate Read-Out Of LaBr(Ce) Scintillator With The CAEN V1720 FADCDPP-PSD DT5720 DT5720A DT5790 N6720 N6720A V1720 VX1720 PDF 0 102.75 kB July 19th, 2011
AR2613 - Special nuclear material detection with a mobile multi-detector systemDPP-PSD DT5720 DT5720A DT5790 N6720 N6720A V1720 VX1720 PDF 0 683.97 kB September 1st, 2011
AR2614 - Tests of PMT Signal Read-out in a Liquid Argon Dark Matter Detector with a New Fast Waveform DigitizerDT5751 N6751 V1751 VX1751 PDF 0 791.42 kB July 7th, 2012
AR2612 - First demonstration of a Compton gamma imager based on silicon photomultipliersDT5740 DT5740D N6740 N6740D V1740 V1740D VX1740 VX1740D PDF 0 658.50 kB July 3rd, 2012
AR2592 - A multi-detector, digitizer based neutron depth profiling device for characterizing thin film materialsDPP-PHA DT5724 N6724 V1724 VX1724 PDF 0 1.76 MB July 6th, 2012
AR2593 - Diamond detectors for fast neutron measurements at pulsed spallation sourcesDT5751 N6751 V1751 VX1751 PDF 0 7.21 MB May 28th, 2012
AR2594 - The EURITRACK Project: Status of a Tagged Neutron Inspection System for Cargo Containers PDF 0 640.14 kB November 3rd, 2006
AR6918 - Design and performance of the micro-dose calibratorA3818 DT5725 V1718 V1725 V6533 VX1718 VX1725 PDF 0 3.49 MB September 10th, 2018
AR7089 - Study of radioactivity built-up and decay with singles time-stamped dataDPP-PHA DT5780 N6780 PDF 0 309.44 kB October 2nd, 2019
AR7265 - The XENON1T Data Acquisition SystemV1724 V2718 VX1724 PDF 0 1.73 MB August 7th, 2019
AR7370 - CAEN Educational: Nuclear and Particle Physics ExperimentsSP5600AN SP5600C SP5600D SP5600E PDF 1 288.22 kB January 17th, 2019
AR7451 - The renewed Whole Body Counter(WBC) of the European Commission at the JRC Ispra siteN5424 N914 V1718 V1725 V6521H V6533 PDF 0 2.13 MB March 11th, 2020
AR7633 - VeryFuel, a Liquid Scintillator-Based Fast Neutron Counter for Fresh Nuclear Fuel MeasurementsVERYFUEL PDF 0 2.14 MB May 29th, 2020
AR86609 - Atmospheric ray tomography for low-Z materials: implementing new methods on a proof-of-concept tomographA1702 DT5550W DT5702 PDF 1 3.12 MB February 24th, 2021
AR8178 - A New Low-energy Plastic Scintillation Neutron Detector For Real-time Pulse Shape DiscriminationDPP-PSD V1730 PDF 0 17.89 MB September 11th, 2016
AR8184 - A novel self-sustained digital acquisition system employing multi-frequency digitizers for the BARC Clover + LaBr3 arrayDPP-PSD V1724 V1730 PDF 0 166.63 kB June 3rd, 2016
AR8198 - Performance of Digitizers with HPGe and Scintillation DetectorsDPP-PHA N6720 N6724 PDF 0 236.78 kB December 2nd, 2013
AR8200 - Recent changes to beamline software at the canadian light sourceV1290N PDF 0 198.19 kB June 3rd, 2013
AR8202 - EIS: the scattering beamline at FERMIV1720 PDF 0 1.41 MB June 3rd, 2015
AR8214 - validation method to merge digital data acquisition with analog data-acquisition system in SAMURAI30 experimentV1730 PDF 0 569.12 kB June 3rd, 2019
AR8220 - Identification of neutrons and gamma rays using a combination of three algorithms for separating signals of the scintillation detectorDT5730 PDF 0 871.74 kB June 3rd, 2020
AR8224 - Modernization of the pulse shape discrimination method for neutron and gamma quanta in scintillation detectorDT5730 PDF 0 848.88 kB June 3rd, 2019
AR8232 - Low-background, digital gamma-ray spectrometer with BEGe detector and active shield: commissioning, optimisation and software developmentCOMPASS DT5725 PDF 0 1.12 MB June 3rd, 2019
AR8965 - Validation of high voltage power supplies for the 1-inch photomultipliers of AugerPrime, the Pierre Auger Observatory upgradeA7501 A7501B PDF 3 5.22 MB May 25th, 2022
AR9642 - Boron Coated Straw-based Neutron Multiplicity Counter for Neutron Interrogation of TRISO Fueled PebblesCOMPASS DT5730 N6730 V1730 VX1730 PDF 0 1.98 MB March 1st, 2023
AR9655 - Amplitude Measurements with SiPM and ASIC (Citiroc 1A) Front-End ElectronicsA5202 CITIROC 1A DT5202 DT5215 FERS5200 PDF 0 3.96 MB March 20th, 2023
AR9740 - Test Bench for Highly Segmented GRIT Double-Sided Silicon Strip Detectors: A Detector Quality Control ProtocolDT2740 DT2745 V2740 V2745 VX2740 VX2745 PDF 0 8.13 MB June 30th, 2023
AR11133 - Neutron-gamma noise measurements in a zero-power reactor using organic scintillatorsDT5730 PDF 0 4.59 MB December 15th, 2023
AR9655 - Amplitude Measurements With SiPM and ASIC (Citiroc 1A) Front-End ElectronicsCITIROC 1A PDF 0 3.96 MB April 5th, 2024
AR11137 - Standardisation of 1818F using new portable 4pß(LS) – ? coincidence detection system at ENEA-INMRIDT5720 PDF 0 1.45 MB December 19th, 2023
AR11141 - Characterisation of a Silicon Photomultiplier Based Oncological Brachytherapy Fibre DosimeterA5202 CITIROC 1A DT5202 DT5215 PDF 0 1.77 MB March 1st, 2024
AR11501 - Beam Test of the First Prototype of SiPM-on-Tile Calorimeter Insert for the Electron-Ion Collider Using 4 GeV Positrons at Jefferson LaboratoryA5202 DT5202 DT5215 PDF 0 2.90 MB September 6th, 2023
AR11512 - Enabling pulse shape discrimination with commercial ASICsCITIROC 1A DT5550W PDF 1 3.47 MB May 27th, 2024


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