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Documentation Area: Educational Notes

Name File extension Revision File size Last update
ED3127 - An Educational Kit Based on a Modular Silicon Photomultiplier SystemSP5600AN SP5600E PDF 1 1.83 MB June 30th, 2014
ED3163 - Background removal procedure based on the SNIP algorithm for Gamma ray spectroscopy with the CAEN Educational Kit SP5600A KIT SP5600AN SP5600C PDF 0 1.81 MB October 4th, 2013
ED3235 - A simple and robust method to study after-pulses in Silicon PhotomultipliersSP5600A KIT SP5600AN SP5600E PDF 0 864.96 kB June 26th, 2014
ED3448 - The hitchhiker's guide to the scintillating tileSP5600A KIT PDF 0 742.78 kB March 30th, 2015


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