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SiPM arrays Readout Systems

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i-Spector Digital Intelligent Silicon Photomultiplier Tube with Digital MCA QUOTE
i-Spector Intelligent Silicon Photomultiplier Tube QUOTE
DT5550AFES Multichannel Analog Front-End for SiPM QUOTE
A1702 32-channel MPCC readout Front-End Board QUOTE
DT5702 32 Channel SiPM readout Front-End Board BOXED QUOTE
DT5550W Complete Readout System based on Weeroc ASIC QUOTE
SP5600E Educational Photon Kit QUOTE
DT5485P Desktop +85 V/10 mA Digital Controlled SiPM Power Supply with USB QUOTE
A7585D/DU 1 Ch. +85 V/10 mA Digital Controlled SiPM Power Supply (with USB) QUOTE
DT8031 8 Channel 100 V/ 10 mA Desktop Power Supply Module (USB/Ethernet/Touchscreen) QUOTE
N8031 8 Channel 100 V/ 10 mA NIM Power Supply Module (USB/Ethernet/Touchscreen) QUOTE
R8031 8-16 Channel 100 V/ 10 mA 19'' Power Supply Module (USB/Ethernet/Touchscreen) QUOTE
A1539 12/24/32 Channel 100 V/10 mA Common Floating Return Boards QUOTE
A1540H 12/24/32 Channel 100 V, 1 mA/100 µA Common Floating Return Dual Range Boards QUOTE
A1510 12 Channel Floating 100 V, 1mA/10mA Board QUOTE
A7040 48 Channel 100V / 1mA Common Floating Return Board QUOTE
A1423B Wideband Amplifier QUOTE