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  Code Description
WS25X0ASSBXA Assembly kit and service for i-Spector OEM – new version 
WS2560EXOAAA S2560E i-Spector 1” (24x24 mm) - OEM  
WS2560FXOAAA S2560F i-Spector 1.5” (30x30 mm) - OEM  
WS2560TEXOAA S2560TE i-Spector PLUS 1” (24x24 mm)- OEM  
WS2560TFXOAA S2560TF i-Spector PLUS 1.5” (30x30 mm)- OEM  
WS2560EXAAAA S2560E i-Spector 1” (24x24 mm) – CsI ASSEMBLY  
WS2560FXAAAA S2560F i-Spector 1.5” (30x30 mm) – CsI ASSEMBLY  
WS2560TEXAAA S2560TE i-Spector PLUS 1” (24x24 mm) – CsI ASSEMBLY 
WS2560TFXAAA S2560TF i-Spector PLUS 1.5” (30x30 mm) – CsI ASSEMBLY 


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