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Special Nuclear material Portable identifier


  • Detection, localization and quantification of radioactive materials as Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) or Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD)
  • Gamma and gamma/neutron radiation detection and discrimination device
  • Hand-held gamma spectrometer for radionuclide identification
  • Integrated and complete radiation survey system
  • Neutron source ID with discrimination between fissile material, alpha-n source and Plutonium
  • Online pulse shape discrimination through 250 MS/s flash ADC
  • CeBr3 scintillator detector for gamma spectroscopy
  • Identification of gamma ray emitters and NORM sources
  • Battery powered
  • Compact, rugged and shockproof containing case


SNIPER-GN is a new compact and transportable instrument which integrates a Special Nuclear Material (SNM) isotope identifier with a high resolution hand-held gamma detector.

SNIPER-GN is easily deployable for rapid scanning of sensitive areas (restaurants, airports, subway stations, shopping malls, etc.) suitable for terroristic threats like dirty bomb and silent source.
Its compact design makes it also suitable for a series of sequential measurements in-field making it ideal for orphan source searching.

The system is easy transportable and ready to use with a battery pack included in the shockproof case. The SNIPER-GN can detect and identify neutron sources discriminating fissile material (e.g. 252Cf) alpha-n type sources (e.g. Am/Be) from Plutonium.

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