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1 Ch 1100 V/1000 µA High Efficiency HV Power Supply Module


  • High efficiency
  • 1100 V/1000 µA output ranges
  • Available with positive or negative polarity
  • Stand alone architecture
  • Compact package: 29x54x16 mm3 (WxLxH)


The A7511 is a high efficiency power supply providing a programmable and monitorable output voltage ranging from 0 to 1100 V, when supplied with a +12 V input. It is available with either positive or negative output voltage.

The board is provided with an over-current protection: if a current larger than the Iout maximum value is drawn, the module is not being damaged.

The output voltage is regulated by providing a 0 to +2 V external voltage (Vset). The module is engineered on a FR4 PCB, coated and housed in DC01 box.

Technical Specifications


Material: DC01; dimension: W=29 mm ; L=54 mm ; H=16 mm

Contact pins

Male strip header; 2.54mm step; phosphor bronze; UL94V0 insulator

Operating temperature

-55° C ÷ +80° C

Storage temperature

-55° C ÷ +85° C

Voltage Supply (Vin)

+12V (±10%)

Maximum Output V (V)


Maximum Output I (µA)

1000 µA

Output polarity

Available positive or negative


Enable > 2.8 V Channel active
Enable < 1 V Channel disabled

Ripple Typ. (mVpp)

Typical 5mVpp; Maximum 10mVpp

Vset Input (V)

0 ÷ +2

Vmon Output (V)

0 ÷ +2 V

Iset Input

0 ÷ +2 V

Imon Output (V)

0 ÷ +2 V

Status OVC bit

0÷2 V (high = OVC)

DeltaVout/Vout (for ±5% Vin variations)

<1.5 X 10-3 @ full scale

Power requirement (mW)

< 1000 mW; @ 1100 V / 1 mA (Rload ~ 1 MOhm)


Compare with PCB HV Power Supplies.


Ordering Options

Code Description
WA7511PXAAAA A7511P - +1.1kV 1mA High Efficiency HV Power Supply Module (12V in) 
WA7511NXAAAA A7511N - -1.1kV 1mA High Efficiency HV Power Supply Module (12V in)