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PCI Express Gen 3 CONET2 Controller


  • PCI Express Gen 3 x8
  • 4 Optical Links available.
  • CONET2 CAEN Proprietary Optical Link Compatible.
  • Up to 32 CAEN CONET2-compliant Optical slave cards (CAEN VME Bridges or Digitizers) controlled by a single A5818.
  • Drivers for:
    • Linux
    • Windows
  • Supported by CAEN libraries (CAENDigitizer, CAENComm, CAENVMELib).


The Mod. A5818 is a PCI Express Gen 3 x8 card that can plug into x8 or x16 PCI Express slots, which allows the User to control up to 4 CONET 2 independent networks (each network can be made of up to 8 CONET 2 slaves).

CONET2 is an optical link-based network with Daisy chain capabilities. Through the CONET 2 it is possible to handle the VMEbus through the CAEN VMEbus Optical Link Bridges (such as the V3718, VX3718 or V4718, VX4718) or to control directly CAEN modules with built-in optical link (such as standard CAEN digitizers).

The communication path uses optical fiber cables as physical transmission line (AI2700 – Optical Fiber Series).

Technical Specifications


PCI Express Gen 3 x8

Slot Compatibility

PCI Express x8 v3.0

Transmission Channel

Optical Fiber

Channel Bandwidth

1.25 Gb/s

Data Transfer rate

Up to 85 MB/s per link (CONET 2 CAEN proprietary protocol)

Num. of boards / link

Up to 8 boards can be controlled by a single CONET 2 link thanks to Daisy-chain capability

Num. of Optical Links


Power Rails

+12 V
+3.3 V

Operating Systems Supported




Compare with Controllers (ALL).



Optical Fiber Series

Ordering Options

Code Description
WA5818XAAAAA A5818 - PCI Express CONET Controller – 4 Links   RoHS


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