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PCI Express Gen 3 CONET2 Controller


  • PCI Express Gen 3 x8
  • 4 Optical Links available
  • CONET2 CAEN Proprietary Optical Link Compatible
  • Up to 32 CAEN CONET2-compliant Optical slave cards (CAEN VME Bridges or Digitizers) controlled by a single A5818
  • Up to 80 MB/s transfer rate per single link by the optical link
  • Interrupt VME protocol supported
  • Drivers for Linux and Windows OS
  • Supported by CAEN libraries (CAENDigitizer, CAENComm, CAENVMELib)


The Mod. A5818 is a PCI Express Gen 3 x8 card that can plug into x8 or x16 PCI Express slots, which allows the User to control up to 4 CONET2 independent networks (each network can be made of up to 8 CONET 2 slaves).

CONET2 is an optical link-based network with Daisy chain capabilities. Through the CONET2 it is possible to handle the VMEbus through the CAEN VMEbus Optical Link Bridges (such as the V3718, VX3718 or V4718, VX4718) or to control directly CAEN modules with built-in optical link (such as standard CAEN digitizers).

The communication path uses optical fiber cables as physical transmission line (AI2700 – Optical Fiber Series).

Technical Specifications


PCI Express Gen 3 x8

Slot Compatibility

PCI Express x8 v3.0

Transmission Channel

Optical Fiber

Channel Bandwidth

1.25 Gb/s

Data Transfer rate

Up to 80 MB/s per link (CONET 2 CAEN proprietary protocol)

Num. of boards / link

Up to 8 boards can be controlled by a single CONET 2 link thanks to Daisy-chain capability

Num. of Optical Links


Power Rails

+12 V

Operating Systems Supported



Compare with Controllers (ALL).



Optical Fiber Series

Ordering Options

Code Description
WA5818XAAAAA A5818 - PCI Express CONET Controller – 4 Links   RoHS


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