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Training Course for ERASMUS Mundus Program

Thanks to ERASMUS Mundus Program partnership for the 2018 NuPhys ERASMUS Nuclear Physics Master, CAEN is glad to announce the successful conclusion of the “CAEN Digitizers, SiPM and EasyPET Acquisition Systems Training Course”. Five students from three different countries attended the course which was structured in interactive lectures and practical sessions.
Sincere thanks were addressed by PhD Chidera Opara, Students Representative Member in the ERASMUS Academic Committee, to CAEN:

“On behalf of the students of Erasmus Mundus Joint master in Nuclear Physics, I use this avenue to express our profound gratitude to the president of CAEN SpA, and CAEN SyS and other staff for giving us a wonderful welcoming atmosphere during the summer school. Thank you for the selfless effort and time you invested during the school.
To mention but a few, the lectures were all well structured and organised in its proper manner. Moreover, it was not only mere lectures, but the lectures tailored down interactively, which integrated the maximum participation of each and everyone of us. The practical sections, and the proposed real-life problems were excellent in general, which served as a conduit for critical thinking and strategy.
Overall, the summer school in CAEN company was fantabulous, and we say a very big thank you, for making valuable knowledge-wise contributions to our lives, and giving us such a very cordial platform.”

For more information http://master.us.es/nuphysjmd/


Great to have you back!