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CAEN awarded contract for PMTs Power Supply System of NA62 experiment at CERN

CAEN awarded contract for the design and production of PMTs HV Power Supply System for NA62 LAV, MUV and CEDAR detectors

The NA62 is an experiment at CERN with the aim to measure the very rare kaon decay K+ -> pi+ nu nubar. Carried on at CERN SPS the experiment aims to collect about 80 K+ -> pi+ nu nubar events at the SM prediction with a signal to background ratio of 10:1 in two years of data taking.

For this purpose CERN awarded CAEN with a contract for the design and production of the High Voltage power supply system for photomultiplier tubes for the NA62 Large Angle photon Veto (LAV), Muon Veto detectors (MUV) and Differential Cherenkov counter (CEDAR).
CAEN will design and produce 115 multi-channel Power Supply modules (Mod. A1536) to power 2496 PMTs distributed in 12 stations along NA62 Experiment. Those boards will be hosted in 16 new SY4527 CAEN Mainframes.

A1536 Features

  • SY4527 form factor
  • 32 channel
  • Vout max: 3 kV
  • Vset/Vmon resolution: 200 mV
  • Vmon accuracy: 2 V
  • Iout max: 500 µA
  • Imon accuracy: 200 nA
  • Remotely controlled via OPC Server
  • Hardware Overcurrent Protection
  • Interlock via external signal

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For more information about NA62 experiment please visit NA62 website.


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