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CAEN awarded contract for design and production of NA62 Liquid Krypton Calorimeter Readout Modules

The NA62 is an experiment at CERN with the aim to measure the very rare kaon decay K+ -> pi+ nu nubar. Carried on at CERN SPS the experiment aims to collect about 80 K+-> pi+ nu nubar events at the SM prediction with a signal to background ratio of 10:1 in two years of data taking.

For this purpose CERN awarded CAEN Spa with a contract for the design and production of the Calorimeter REAdout Module (CREAM) for the NA62 high resolution Liquid Krypton Calorimeter (LKr) .

CAEN will design and build 455 CREAM modules for the readout of the 13249 LKr channels.

CREAM Features

  • VME 6U form factor
  • 32 channel
  • 14 bit 50 MS/s ADC
  • 2 Vpp input dynamics (differential)
  • 14-bit programmable DC offset adjustment (±1V)
  • Memory buffer:
    • 26 MB circular buffer
    • 5.2 GB event buffer
  • Gbit Ethernet port for data readout
  • VME64X compliant interface

CREAM block diagram

For more information about NA62 CREAM Module, please download the poster presented by V. Ryjov (CERN) at TWEPP 2011 (26-30 September 2011 Vienna, Austria).

For more information about NA62 experiment please visit NA62 website.


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