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CAEN as technology provider for borders security

The University of Tartu and the start-up company GScan announced that they have just completed a laboratory prototype of a muon tomography scanner, suitable for customs and security control. Exploiting natural radiation, this innovative technology will allow to scan vehicles at borders, cargo, sea containers and even human people, avoiding the use of harmful X-rays. This new technology will probably find application in other fields as well, for example for scanning buildings and large industrial devices, but also in medicine.

A laboratory prototype of the new scanner is ready, but there are plans to build a full-scale prototype and move on to manufacturing the devices. GScan prototype is exploiting CAEN Spa SiPM readout systems (DT5550W and A1702) to readout glassy fibers and detect the muon tracks in space, in order to reconstruct the shape and recognise the chemical composition of the scanned objects.

CAEN is pleased to announce that its commitment as technology provider for these kind of applications is going to continue in the framework of the H2020 European project SilentBorder. The project is going to end in April 2025 when the first full-size prototype is planned to be tested under real conditions.


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