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FlexiSpec application for Whole Body Counter (WBC) @ Joint Research Center – Ispra


FlexiSpec is a Flexible Spectrometry data acquisition platform based on Multi-Parametric Digital Pulse Processing (DPP) dedicated to spectroscopy applications. It is designed to simultaneously control, readout and process the signals from a wide range of particle detectors combined in arrays.

In fact, FlexiSpec is able to easily manage correlation, coincidences and anticoincidences between multiple detectors, as required, for example, by advanced background rejection or anti-Compton techniques. FlexiSpec allows the user to mix and match a selection of different building blocks (such as MCAs, HV power supplies, Pulse Shape Analyzers, …) that can be easily integrated and synchronized to build a multi-parametric, complete system tailored to his specific application.

picture of caensys solution electronics

FlexiSpec for WBC

Flexispec results the ideal solution for the upgrade of the Whole Body Counter Laboratory at the Joint Research Center in Ispra. The Whole body counter measurement allows to detect and quantify radioactive contaminants in human body through high-resolution gamma spectroscopy performed by high-efficiency HPGe detectors. This application is dedicated to nuclear-site personnel or to potentially contaminated people from a nuclear accident.
The laboratory was equipped with 2 crates filled with analogic electronics, necessary to control a maximum of 6 inputs.

For the update was required to manage the signal processing and the High and Low power supply of:

  • 3HPGe detectors
  • 4 NaI outputs with majority logic and and-back after the majority filter
  • 12 plastic scintillator detector used as anti-cosmic veto for the previous 7 inputs


CAEN SyS is fully mastering the whole product development chain. CAEN SyS installs all the modules present in the CAEN SpA catalogue in the FlexiSpec platform perform the customization of the software to fit the solution on the customer requirements.
The FlexiSpec platform is provided with dedicated and customized software with user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).
The system for the whole management of all these detectors is now placed in only one crate with more than 8 spare inputs for future upgrades


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