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SY4527 – SY5527 Premium Version

CAEN offers its new modular High Voltage Power Supply System in a unique pack including all the options available at an attractive price.

The Premium Version is available as an ordering option of the SY4527 and SY5527 products. The Premium Version features:

    • 10,4″ LCD Touch Screen (5.7″ for SY 5527)
    • Full Version of the CPU
    • Advanced Control Software
    • Wi-Fi capability for remote wireless control

The wide LCD touch screen allows the user to easily take advantage of the brand new Control software developed by CAEN.

Advanced Software
The new SY4527 beneficial of a completely redesigned control software:
This new software is embedded in the system and can be installed on a PC, Laptop or Tablet too for local and remote control. It is Windows and Linux compatible (only Windows for Tablets) an it is possible to control up to 4 systems and to set and monitor the parameters of all the High Voltage Boards. The visualization of the different boards and their parameters is completely customizable and groups can be created for common settings. It is also possible to save settings in a mass storage device and restore them later if necessary.
In addition the advanced version of the software
introduces Logging and Scripting Capability. The Logger is a useful tool which records every command sent to the system and every warning/alarm detected by the system. In this way it is possible to automatically monitor the behaviour of every single parameter during operations. Complex and advanced commands can be managed through the Scripting capability. Based on a simple proprietary syntax, this tool ensures flexible and fully customizable control on every system and board aspect.

The WiFi Dongle makes possible the wireless remote control.

The FULL CPU Version provides the complete set of panel connectors, the ENABLE, RESET, INTERLOCK control sections, and front panel fan speed control.


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