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VME Powered Crates


Enhanced Series

The CAEN VME8100 and VME8200 crates are based on a modularity concept and consist of detachable parts easily to exchange. The PS is placed in order to keep the rear of the VME backplane completely accessible.


Low Cost

The CAEN VME8010 and VME8011 are low cost compact solutions with VME64 compliant backplane with a power distribution of +5V@60A, -12V@6A, +12V@8.9A.

Mini Crate VME

Mini Crate VME

The CAEN VME8004B, VME8004X, VME8008B, VME8008X and VME8001 are 4 slot VME crates with horizontal Ventilation (side to side) that provides automatic daisy chain and supports CBLT data cycles.


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