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ENTRANCE – Efficient risk-based inspection of freight crossing borders without disrupting business

The mission of ENTRANCE is to develop and validate a comprehensive user-based ENTRANCE Toolbox for riskbased non-intrusive inspection (NII) of cross-border freight movements, with particular focus on the EU Customs Union border. The aim of the ENTRANCE Toolbox is to enhance border security practitioners’ capabilities to protect society against a wide range of dangerous and illicit materials with minimum disruption of cross-border flow of goods. ENTRANCE will deliver five main results:

  1. Automated Risk Assessment, Threat Recognition and Information Sharing Platform (ENARTIS)
  2. Suite of Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) technologies for detecting contraband hidden in high-density cargo
  3. Enhanced relocatable unit for non-intrusive detection of wide number of threats including explosives, illicit drugs, chemical warfare agents, nuclear and radioactive materials (NR) and special nuclear materials (SNM) such as enriched uranium and plutonium
  4. Trans-European RPM network for passive detection of illicit nuclear and radioactive (NR) materials combining detection facilities of different types and technologies
  5. Novel high-speed RPM detection technology for passive detection of NR with minimal disturbance of flow.

The ENTRANCE Toolbox will be validated at the EU Customs Union border by five practitioner-led field trials chosen for their relevance, strategic position and feasibility.


The project is co-funded by EU Commission under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Call: EU Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation action: SU-BES02 – 2020 Technologies to enhance border and external security
Grant Number: 883424

Starting date: October 2020 Ending date: September 2023

The ENTRANCE Consortium is composed of 18 partners from 9 European countries and consists of Research Institutes, SMEs and Public Bodies. The project is expected to last 36 months with a budget of EUR 7 million.

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