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C-BORD – Effective Container inspection at BORDer control points

C-BORD – Efficient Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) of containerised freight is critical to trade and society. Freight containers are potential means for smuggling, illegal immigration, trafficking of drugs, mis-declared goods and dangerous illicit substances, including explosives, nuclear material, chemical and biological warfare agents and radioactively contaminated goods. One inspection NII technology cannot cope with all these targets. The C-BORD Toolbox and Framework will address all these targets and enable customs to deploy comprehensive cost effective container NII solutions to potentially protect all EU sea- and land-borders, satisfying a large range of container NII needs. The C-BORD Toolbox will include 5 complementary innovative detection technologies: delivering improved X-rays, Target Neutron Interrogation, Photofission, Sniffing and Passive Detection. User interfaces and data will be integrated to optimise effectiveness and efficiency of end-users and systems.

The C-BORD Framework will help customs analyse their needs, design integrated solutions, and optimise the container inspection chain; it will address detection levels, false alarms levels, throughput, health & safety, logistics and cost & benefits. C-BORD will increase the probability of finding illicit or dangerous content with at least equal throughput of containers per time unit, reduce the need for costly, time-consuming and dangerous manual container inspections by customs officials, and in case a container is opened, increase the probability of finding illicit materials.

On 3 custom sites, integrated solutions will be trialled respectively addressing the needs of big seaports, small seaports and mobile land-borders. To optimise sustainable impact, C-BORD will actively engage with a large community, will support policy implementation, evolution and start early exploitation planning.

The project is co-funded by EU Commission under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Starting date: June 2015 Ending date: November 2018

The C-BORD Consortium is composed of 19 partners from 9 european countries and consists of Legal Persons, Research Institutes, SMEs and Public Bodies. The project is expected to last 42 months with a budget of EUR 11.8 million.

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More info on C-BOARD Website.
Contact: Alessandro Iovene


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