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NIM/Desktop Digital Detector Emulator
The Digital Detector Emulator is an instruments for emulating in real time signals from generic setups for radiation detection.

Operating modes:

    Classic pulser operation. The system allows to set the signal amplitude, the signal rate, and to choose between constant and Poisson distributed rate.
    In the detector emulator operating mode, the system is able to emulate with high accuracy a radiation detection system from the detector output to its related front-end electronics. The user must provide: the signal shape distribution, the required energy spectrum, the time distribution, the noise characterization, and the baseline drift.
    The signal shape can be generated either by using the system internal database, or using recorded shapes from the experimental setup. The same is true for the energy spectrum. It is possible to create several emission lines through the tool itself, or to import a file in the format of CVS/ANSI N42.42, or to use the internal database electronics. The user can choose a Poisson or any arbitrary time distributions. It is also possible to emulate white noise, 1/f noise, random walk, as well as interferences. The characterization of the baseline drift can be also added.
    The instrument allows to generate correlated events with fixed time shift (time steps of 12 ps). The two signals can have either the same or different statistical distributions. Furthermore, it is possible to generate a subset of events according to a fixed energy spectrum, being statistical uncorrelated from the background events.
    The instrument comes with 1M points of RAM memory per channel to store and then reproduce the events from pre-defined functions.

The Desktop Digital Detector Emulator is available in single (NDT6800S) or dual channel (NDT6800D) version. The dual channel model allows the event correlation.

USB 2.0 communication interface, Front panel USB connector.
Either NIM backplane or AC-DC power supply. The latter allows to use the crate stand-alone, without the NIM crate. Active cooling system for non-cooled NIM crates.
The delay line for the time correlation is thermalized through a Peltier cell to minimize the thermal drift (temperature stability of about 0.03°C).
Software tool compliant with Windows OS. Shape and spectrum files import from any Digital Pulse Processors, Digitizers, and oscilloscopes. Model shape generation (with no noise) from input waveforms.
Programmable digital outputs: Trigger in, Trigger out, and Gate.

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Energy emulation
Single line (65535 selectable levels)
Spectrum emulation (16384 bins with 14 bit resolution)
± 4 V output range
16 bit D/A converter
Time emulation features
Costant rate emulation
Poisson distribution
Programmable statistical generation of events (256 bins, 8 bit resolution)
Up to 11 MCPS, both in costant and statistical emulation
Integrator circuit emulation without pile-up limitation
Up to 16 pile-up events in the memory based algorithm
Programmable dead-time and emulation of parallelizable and non-parallelizable machines
20 ns to 10 ms exponential decay time
Signal shape
4096 points to store waveforms
Arbitrarily programmable shapes
Shape duration from 64 ns to 26 µs (w/o interpolation) / 26 ms (interp.)
Separated rising and falling edge interpolation
Up to two separate shapes mixed on the same channel with indipendent statistic
Noise emulation
White noise emulation (BW 62.5 MHz)
1/f noise emulation
Random Walk (baseline drift)
Interference generation (e.g. possibility to record spikes from switching power supplies and inject in the output signal)
Interference generated with fixed amplitude and frequency or randomly modulated in amplitude and injection time
Baseline drift programmable with arbitrary shape
Correlated events emulation
Three operation modes:
1) Channel 1 (CH1) is the time shifted copy of Channel 2 (CH2) (12 ps step);
2) CH2 has its own statistics generator (i.e. different spectrum, different noise, etc.) but is triggered by CH1 (delayed by 12 ps step);
3) A third emulator channel (with separate statistic properties) generates correlated pulses for both CH1 and CH2. In this way, only some events of the two channels are correlated
12 ps step programmable delay (from 0ps to 32us), 18 FWHM, 60 ppm linearity
Temperature stabilization of the delay line
Digital I/O
2-input and 2-output programmable
Trigger out, analog saturation warning, machine overload sensing
Trigger in, random number generetor control (reset / play / pause), gating, baseline reset
(random number generator)
8 indipendent LFSRs with 64 bits generate the base for the statistical emulation
Possibility to randomize the seeds of each RNG indipendently
Possibility to inizialize the RNG with fixed seeds to get repetible sequences to test different processing architectures
Generation of finite length streams of pulses to debug step-by-step the DUT
Programmable sequence
500 kpoints of memory/CH to store a sequence of pairs (energy, time of occurrence) to generate long predictable and defined sequences of pulses.
Arbitrary waveform generator
1 Mpoints/CH to store any arbitrary waveform
Function generation: sin, square, ramp, saw, pulse, sinc up to 10 MHz
Software and interfaces
Windows based user interface managing more than one emulator
USB 2.0 interface
Description Release Date OS-Version Environment Download
Firmware   DT5800D-NDT6800D firmware(*) 2.3 - 2.5 October, 2016
Rev. 2.5 - FW Package MINOR 3.61 MB - Type: .NIU Download
Rev. 2.3 - FW Package MAJOR 7.65 MB - Type: .NIU Download
Firmware Upgrade Instructions 325.01 KB - Type: .pdf Download
Control Software
Windows Detector Emulator Software(**) October, 2016 Windows 7 or Greater
SW Package 80.57 MB - Type: .zip Download
Statistical Distribution Examples 98.75 KB - Type: .zip Download


  • (*) IMPORTANT!
    - MAJOR FW Packet is required by devices running 1.x release of the firmware
    - MINOR FW Packet is required by devices running 2.x release of the firmware
    Note that these upgrades require at least version of the Detector Emulator Software
  • (**) IMPORTANT!
    - Detector Emulator Software rel., and higher, support DT5800 and NDT6800 firmware rel. 2.3 or higher
    - Detector Emulator Software rel., and higher, are not compliant with MS Windows XP operating system
Code Description
WNDT6800DXAA NDT6800D - Dual Channel NIM/Desktop Digital Detector Emulator with channel correlation
WNDT6800SXAA OBSOLETED | NDT6800S - Single Channel NIM/Desktop Digital Detector Emulator
Model Package Function Description Compare
All - Reset
DT4800 Detector Emulator Digital Detector Emulator Micro Digital Detector Emulator
DT5800 Detector Emulator Digital Detector Emulator Desktop Digital Detector Emulator
DT5810 Detector Emulator Digital Detector Emulator Fast Digital Detector Emulator
NDT6800 Detector Emulator Digital Detector Emulator NIM/Desktop Digital Detector Emulator

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