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Gamma stream

Active, stand-alone, fully featured MCA tube base for scintillation spectroscopy

  • Fully stand-alone MCA including high voltage power supply, preamplifier, battery and data-storage on SSD
  • Embedded single-board computer (ARM based CPU) for unattended operations
  • Wired and wireless connectivity through USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Embedded GPS for data geo-localization
  • Compatible with scintillation detectors as Nal(TI) and LaBr3(Ce), using standard 14-pin PMTs with 10-stages
  • Different acquisition modes available: PHA, PHA with time stamp, MCS, SCA and signal inspector
  • Software selectable coarse and fine gains
  • Gain stabilizer based on natural or calibration radioactivity
  • Front panel cover against dust and rain for outdoor operation
  • Front panel auxiliary digital I/O connectors for synchronization, external trigger, coincidence/anticoincidence modes, veto. MCS, SCA
  • Supported by CAEN MC2 Analyzer software GUI
  • Supported by GammaTOUCH application for smartphones or tablets with Android OSs
child1 gamma stream
γ stream is an active MCA integrated in a 14-pin PMT base for gamma-ray spectroscopy with scintillation detectors, suited for portable and mobile spectrometry. It integrates high voltage power supply, preamplifier and digital MCA. The embedded CPU runs an OS able to execute custom routines (*) for automatic wireless spectroscopic analysis or data monitoring. Featured with battery and data-storage it is able to run without external connection or control. The flexibility on data logging modes makes γ stream suitable for most survey situations.

It may acquire and record data in different modes: PHA, time stamped list mode, MCS, SCA, signal inspector. γ stream can also operate outdoor thanks to a front panel cover protecting from water and dust.

Wireless and wired connection interfaces are available: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet. γ stream can also be integrated in more complex systems thanks to auxiliary I/O connectors.

γ stream can be fully controlled by the MC2 Analyzer software [RD1] running on Windows OS PC. Besides the standard board and spectra configuration, the software feautures functionalities like spectra calibration, peak search and analysis, etc.

The dedicated GammaTOUCH mobile application is provided for AndroidTM based devices to control γ stream not only for all the relevant settings for the device, but even for the GPS application (mobile GPS), and the list mode. Dedicated S2580G and S2580LBG versions feature an embedded GPS component.

(*) Coming Soon
72 W x 66 H x 154 L mm (without connectors)
72 W x 66 H x 164 L mm (including connectors)
γ stream is suited for a variety of environments thanks to the software suites GammaTOUCH and MCAnalyzer, both provided with user-friendly GUIs. GammaTOUCH can run on smartphones or tablets with Android OS, providing an immediate and easy data acquisition control specially in outdoor operations. On the other side, MCAnalyzer can be run on Window OS PC, providing the user with advanced histogram analysis tools.

The embedded single-board computer gives the user the possibility to implement customized appications thanks to CAEN software libraries.
MCAnalyzer (MCA)
Digital MCA Data Acquisition and Analysis Software
MC2A is a software specifically designed to manage CAEN Digital MCA (DT5770, γ stream, Hexagon and 780/781 family) as well as CAEN digitizers running DPP-PHA (Digital Pulse Processing for the Pulse Height Analysis) firmware, like 724 or 730 family.

It allows the user to set the relevant parameters, to manage the HV channels configuration (x780, γ stream and Hexagon only), to collect the spectra and perform mathematical analysis on them, like energy calibration, peak search, background subtraction, peak fitting, etc.

It is designed with multi-channel, multi-board capabilities: it can handle several boards and manage the data acquisition from each of them at the same time.
GammaTOUCH is a software application for Android OS running on personal devices like smartphones or tablets, specially designed as an easy-to-use assistant for outdoor operations. It provides an immediate control of γ stream in terms of PHA and HV configuration, and data acquisition. Energy spectra can be displayed, and statistics can be monitored runtime. Through the GammaTOUCH it is possible to integrate the GPS Coordinates and time with the time-stamped event list.

gamma stream profile
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