November, 2020

R5560 product

A new high density and flexible digital solution

Versatile readout system with exceptional performance, equipped with an open FPGA, designed for 3He tubes, PMTs, High Purity Germanium Detectors, RPCs, Silicon Strips and others.

R5560 product

R5560 - 128 Channel 14-bit @125 MS/s Digitizer

New frontier physics applications are nowadays looking for readout electronics with high channels density, combining both flexibility and easy-scalability.
The R5560 programmable platform is our answer to this demand. We provide a 128-channel rack-mountable Digitizer suitable for large experiments, hosting onboard an Open FPGA with block-diagram-based programming tool, called the

A use case

Being designed for the readout of 3He tubes detectors, the R5560 is an ideal solution for neutron source facilities and nuclear safety institutions. Thanks to its firmware/software features, it is possible to perform position reconstruction as well as energy and ToF spectra acquisition, fitting with the typical requests of experimental setups at neutron spallation source facilities.
The open FPGA in combination with SCI-Compiler software, allow the user to easily modify the signal processing algorithm to match the requirements of many other applications such as the readout of large detector arrays and the interface with an existing facility framework

Boost your firmware development

SCI(entific) Compiler is a Windows based software designed to accelerate the firmware implementation for signal processing and is ideal to generate custom algorithms for scientific applications. SCI-Compiler is an automatic code generator that, starting from a graphical block diagram, generates a VHDL peace of code that implements the required function. Moreover, SCI-Compiler is able to generate C libraries and drivers to be used in Windows, Linux and macOS for software implementation.


Rack Mountable Power Supply Family

Welcome the new CAEN power Supply Family providing 2,4,8 or 16 independent High Voltage channels in a 2U, 19" Rack-Mountable unit.

All units can be controlled either locally, thanks to a 2.8” touchscreen color LCD display with a complete user interface, or remotely, via USB or Ethernet, thanks to the GECO2020 Control software. EPICS and LabVIEW are supported too.

R5560 product

R803x - 8/16 Channel up to 6 kV

The latest born in the CAEN power supply family is adding even more flexibility to the choice of the right product for your application. The R803x is a new CAEN Power Supply providing 8 or 16 Independent High Voltage channels in a 2U, 19” Rack-mount unit. The new modules can be ordered with Positive, Negative or Mixed polarity.

R5560 product

R14xxET and R1570 - 2/4/8 Channel up to 15 kV

The R14xxET and R1570 CAEN Power Supplies provides 2, 4 or 8 independent High Voltage channels in a 2U, 19” Rack-mount unit. Each channel features an independently selectable polarity and common floating return.


CAEN Successfully completes the installation of GAMON-S Spectroscopic probe

GAMON-S and GAMON-D are respectively a spectrometric and dosimetric fixed station designed for radiological environmental monitoring.

The devices run automatic real-time analysis of surrounding gamma emitting isotopes for detecting radiological threats, early environmental warning and emergency response.

R5560 product



  • Different options available: NaI(Tl), LaBr3(Ce), CeBr3
  • Different volume available : from 0.5’’x0.5’’ to 3’’x3’’

Automatic stabilization of the spectrum with temperature compensation:

  • Tested from -40 to +60 °C
  • Fast transient up to 10 °C/h
  • Many test cycles with less than 5% change in response

Automatic report generation with radionuclide identification:

  • Customizable radionuclide library
  • Periodic, hourly, daily and instantaneous (in case of alarm) measurement cycle
  • Internal database and analysis tool included