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May, 2021 Newsletter
x2740 Open FPGA digitizers
Open FPGA and Digital Pulse Processing algorithms for high-density channel experimental setups!
64-Channel 16-bit 125 MS/s Digitizers
The VX2740 and DT2740 are 64-channel digital signal processors for radiation detectors in a VME64X and Desktop form factor. They offer not only waveform digitization and recording but also Multi-Channel Analysis for nuclear spectroscopy using Silicon strip, segmented HPGe, Scintillation detector with PMTs, Wire Chambers, and others.
Indeed, these digitizers can perform pulse height measurements (PHA), constant fraction timing (CFD), charge integration (QDC) and pulse shape discrimination (PSD) independently for each of the 64 channels.
The open FPGA allows then an easy firmware customization and to use these new digitizers in a wide range of applications.
The perfect solution for a wide range of applications, from Neutrino Physics & Dark Matter Searches to Nuclear, Particle Physics and Spectroscopic Imaging.
Main Features
  • 64 analog inputs, differential or single-ended
  • On-board firmware selection: Scope mode (common trigger), DPP mode (independent channel self-triggers)
  • Open FPGA architecture for pulse analysis algorithm customization
  • USB 3.0 (up to 280 MB/s) and 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet or CONET (CAEN Daisy Chainable Optical Link Protocol) interfaces
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