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September, 2021 Newsletter
High efficiency vehicle mountable system for Nuclear Security
Real time alarm with isotope identification for gamma radiation and high sensitivity neutron detector
GAMON Mobile
The GAMON-Mobile is a high efficiency detection system designed for the homeland security community and for the CBRNe scenario. GAMON-Mobile performs gamma radionuclide identification in real-time and neutron counting. It runs automatic real-time analysis of surrounding gamma emitting isotopes for detecting radiological threats.
GAMON-Mobile can be installed on cars, helicopters or boats to monitor wide areas, and detect small deviation from natural background thanks to the high efficiency of the gamma detector. It provides detailed and georeferenced reports on the radioisotopes found through the map visualization.
The GAMON-Mobile can be deployed in multiple scenarios ranging from the public event for preventive scanning to a routine perimetric survey of sensitive areas for the Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) searching.
Main Features
  • Separeted gamma and neutron counting
  • Continous background updating and automatic thresholds calculation with isotope-based alarms
  • Integrated GPS for mapping with real time data visualization
  • Automatic isotope identification in real time
  • IP 67 rugged housing for harsh environment and military scenario
  • NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) qualified as equipment agreed between the member countries of the alliance
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Via Vetraia, 11
55049 Viareggio (LU) - Italy
Phone +39.0584.388.398
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday
09:00 – 12:30 / 13:30 – 18:00.
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