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April/May, 2021


One-Minute CAEN News


Digital Platform for
Nuclear Waste Management

Easy tracking of any type of radioactive material or object by RadHAND, the CAEN innovative handheld instrument

RadHand identification gamma nuclide

Spectroscopic radiation measurement and UHF RFID tagging

RadHAND 600 PRO is a novel first-time handheld instrument able to combine state-of-the-art spectroscopic radiation measurements with scintillation detectors and UHF RFID technology for easy digitization and tracking of the measured items.
RadHAND 600 PRO helps the operator to fully characterize and track objects, surfaces, radioactive waste and any type of item that need to be measured in a wide range of Applications such as: Decommissioning & Dismantling, Nuclear Power Plants, Storage facilities and Radioprotection...

RadHand identification gamma nuclide

Main Features

  • Cutting edge algorithms to support fast and precise nuclide identification and dose-rate measurements.
  • USB and/or wireless connectivity for one-hand easy operation with up to 8hr autonomy.
  • Integrated GPS for geolocalization and time information.
  • Locally encrypted data may be saved on-board and downloaded later by USB connection or transmitted to a secure remote database by wireless connection.
  • Possible integration of external application-specific probes such as alpha/beta contaminameters, neutron detectors and, high resolution CdZnTe gamma spectrometers. (Coming Soon)

Rad-tolerant UHF RFID tag

Digiwaste platform utilizes UHF RFID technology able to read/write tags at a distance, sustaining a total dose above 300 Gy which guarantees longterm, reliable, accurate data collection and storage for tagged objects.


RadBASE is an high level data management framework with encryption and multi-layered user access, designed to support the development, tracking and integration of information, critical to radioactive waste management activities. Each device transmits real time information about instrument status, location, measured radioactivity levels and alarm status, task progression and, RFID tag inventory.