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GAMON Security

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Spectroscopy deployable and networkable system for security applications


  • Dosimetry probe based on Geiger Muller detection systems
  • Spectroscopic crystals for an early identification of detected threads
  • Neutron detection system available
  • Internal database and web application for an easy configuration of the system in expert mode
  • Real time and georeferenced measurement information
  • Mobile system equipped with rechargeable battery pack
  • Wireless and long-range communication protocols
  • Scintillator detectors NaI(Tl), CeBr3, LaBr3(Ce) or NaIL™ for gamma and neutron detection


GAMON Security is a fast and easy deployable gamma neutron detection system and it is networkable wirelessly with other systems. It can operate on-field also in harsh weather conditions since it is protected from rain and moisture. GAMON Security is a portable gamma probe and it can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios. Thanks to the integrated GPS the system position can be easily monitored in real time.

GAMON Security allows response personnel to quickly and safely address radiation threats. It can be positioned in sensitive locations to monitor the situation in real time and in parallel, by both infield personnel and operators at remote command centers.

It provides remote monitoring and turnkey data reach back telemetry capabilities, thereby greatly reducing exposure risk to personnel in compromised  environments and allows a discrete monitoring of sensitive locations and events.


GAMON Security fast and easy deployable gamma neutron detection system is designed to be used in the following scenario:

  • Nuclear power fast-response teams, CBRN and nuclear emergency response personnel
  • Discrete monitoring of public events or sensitive locations
  • Environmental monitoring of large areas in network configuration like systems across a city
  • Temporary screening of access points during events, conventions, Olympic games etc.