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HV Bidirectional Passive HV Filter

  • 8 kV Maximum Input Voltage
  • 20 dB Ripple Rejection
  • Passive Operation


The Mod. A483 is a bidirectional passive HV filter. The filter has a Maximum Input Voltage of ±8 kV. The Ripple Rejection is 20 dB (26 dB @ 36 KHz), measured with 50 mVpp (40 mVpp @ 36 KHz) input ripple, 8 kV Input DC Voltage and 8 µA Output Current.
It does not require any power supply since it is made up of passive components.
The module is designed to be used together with a HV Power Supply when a low ripple is required (E.G. for Ge-detector applications).
The High Voltage input and output are provided by SHV connectors.

Technical Specifications

Input range

±8 kV

Ripple Rejection

20 dB (26 dB @ 36 KHz)

I/O connectors


Input impedance

200 KOhm


HV Bidirectional Passive HV Filter
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