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Power Supply

The Power Supply Systems are the heart of any experiment. They provide the High voltage and Low voltage required by the detectors and by the related front-end electronics. The quality of the power supply is critical to obtain the best performance from the set-up. The sensibility of modern detectors, in fact, make them susceptible to any even small variation in the power supply, and so features like low Noise, low Ripple and high stability become essential in the design of a performing power supply system. Strong of 30 years of collaboration with the most important research labs worldwide CAEN offers today sophisticated High Voltage Power Supply and Low Voltage Power Supply Systems. The demonstration of this successful long-standing tradition is the "CMS Crystal Award 2009" that CAEN received for the development and production of the power system for the CMS tracker. CAEN offers a wide selection of Power Supplies in different form factors and standards:
  • For smaller set-ups Standalone or modular (NIM / VME) products or are the ideal fit.
  • For bigger set-ups, where a high number of High voltages and Low voltages is required, the Mainframe Systems and Boards (up to 48 channels/board) are the most recommended.

Universal Multichannel System

The system has been specifically designed to power all detector technologies found in modern Physics Experiments, such as e.g. photomultipliers, wire chambers, streamers tubes, silicon detectors. The systems are modular, flexible and match not only the requirements of major experiments with large number of channels but also the practical needs of test laboratories, where simple manual operations on a limited number of channels are often desired.


SY4527 - SY5527

The system is organized into Mainframes housing Multichannel Boards (from 4 to 16 / up to 768 channels per mainframe)


SY4527-SY5527 CPU Modules and Power Supplies (Primary and Optional)

NIM and VME Power Supplies

High Voltage NIM Power Supplies

CAEN offer a new generation of NIM Power Supplies that can be locally or remotely controlled through GECO2020 software.

Low Voltage NIM Power Supply for preamplifiers

N5424 - Quad NIM Power distributor for A1422 preamplifiers

High Voltage VME Power Supplies

VME programmable HV boards, able to fit the same standard crate of DAQ systems thanks to the innovative GECO2020 software.


High Voltage NIM/Desktop Power Supplies

NIM module with Vac plug for desktop operation equipped with Touchscreen, Ethernet and USB

Low Voltage Desktop Preamplifier and Digitizer Power Supply

DT5423 - Desktop Linear Power Supply for A1422 preamplifier & DT57XX Digitizers.

High Voltage Rack-Mount Power Supplies

New CAEN Power Supply Family providing 4 or 8 independent High Voltage channels in a 2U, 19" Rack-mount unit.

High Voltage PCB Power Supplies

High efficiency CAEN Power Supply Family providing a programmable and monitorable output HV voltage.

Desktop High Voltage Power Supplies
  • DT547x: 1 HV ch. powered/controlled by USB
  • DT14xxET: 4 Reversible HV ch. with USB/Ethernet & Local (Touch screen) control
  • DT55XXe: 4 HV ch. with USB/Ethernet control

EASY (Embedded Assembly SYstem) For Hostile Area

Crates, HV/LV Boards, ADC Boards, AC/DC converter, Branch Controller

In order to provide safe and reliable operations in "hostile" areas, CAEN developed a solution featuring rad-tolerant and magnetic field resistant components.

  • Widely used in LHC experiments
  • produced almost 7500 electronic units / containing 200.000 sub-boards
  • work also in normal conditions with excellent performance

Universal Multichannel Low Voltage Power Supply System

SY8800 Universal Multichannel Low Voltage Power Supply System

SY8000 is a high density floating low voltage power supply system, designed to power low noise electronics with medium and high currents.

Power Supply Control Software

Software description Products Supported
HiVoCS Web Interface available on any SY4527-SY5527 CPU. This Interface can be accessed directly via browser without installing any additional software. - Universal Multichannel System
GECO2020 GEneral COntrol Software for CAEN HV power supplies in any form factor as if they were an unique device. - Universal Multichannel System
- NIM High voltage Power supplies
- VME High Voltage Power Supplies
- Standalone Power Supplies(1)
EPICS Input-Output Controllers CAEN Power Supplies integrates an EPICS Service that provides access to a Process Variable using the Channel Access Protocol - Universal Multichannel System
- NIM High voltage Power supplies
- Standalone Power Supplies(1)
CAEN HV Wrapper Library It is a set of ANSI C functions bundled in a library, providing the software developer an unified software interface for the control of all the CAEN Power Supply products. - Universal Multichannel System
- NIM High voltage Power supplies
- VME High Voltage Power Supplies
- Standalone Power Supplies(1)
OPC Server for CAEN Power Supplies CAEN, in collaboration with CERN, has developed an OPC server which allows control of its power supply systems by any OPC compliant client application. - Universal Multichannel System
- VME High Voltage Power Supplies
LabVIEW Instrument Driver They are a set of VI, developed for LabVIEW©, that allow to configure and monitor all parameters of remotely controlled CAEN Programmable HV Power Supply modules. - NIM High voltage Power supplies
- Standalone Power Supplies
(1) Excluded Single Channel USB High Voltage Power Supply Family