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CERN / CAEN DPP Workshop Results

30/6/2010 >> CERN Electronics Pool and CAEN DPP Workshop Conclusions

CERN Geneva - June 23, 2010

CERN Electronics Pool and CAEN DPP Workshop Conclusions

On June 23rd CAEN and CERN Electronics Pool held at CERN a successful workshop on on CAEN Digital Pulse Processing. In this page you can find the participant list and all the documentation released for the workshop.
CAEN take the opportunity to thank again who took part in this event and made it possible.

Participant List

Andrei Akimov - LPI
Tommy Anderson - CERN
Maurizio Bonesini - Sezione INFN Milano Bicocca
Massimo Caccia - University of Insubria
Jorgen Christiansen - CERN
Tommy Crestanello - RealT S.r.l.
Gabriele Croce - CERN
Massimiliano De Gaspari - Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg / CERN
Karel Deprez - MEDISIP Ghent University
Riccardo Fantechi - CERN and INFN Pisa
Ben Farnham - CERN
Philippe Farthouat - CERN
Giulietto Felici - LNF-INFN
Arturo Fernandez Tellez - Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
Adrian Fiergolski - CERN
Massimiliano Fiorini - CERN
Rey Franck - Institut Laue Langevin
Michele Gabusi - INFN Pavia
Arnaldo Galbiati - Diamond Detectors Ltd.
Eduardo Garcia - CERN
Tullio Grassi - FermiLab
Valerio Grassi - State University of New York at Stony Brook
Taku Gunji - CNS, University of Tokyo
Alain Guy - CERN
Gerardo Herrera Corral - CERN-CINVESTAV
Josef Kopal - Acad. of Sciences of the Czech Rep. (ASCR)
Gianluca Lamanna
Alexander Martemiyanov - University of Como, Italy
Paolo Mutti - Institut Laue-Langevin
Loretta Negrini - University of Insubria
Christian Patauner - CERN
Luciano Periale - INAF-INFN
Gregory Pigny - ILL
Giovanni Polese - CERN
Michele Quinto - INFN
Jacques Ratel --ILL
Emilio Ruiz Martinez - ILL
Vladimir Ryjov - CERN
Carla Sbarra - INFN
Robert Scheuermann - Paul Scherrer Institut
Aurora Tamborini - INFN Pavia
Guillermo Tejeda - CERN
Francesca Toglia - University of Insubria
Ludovico Tortora - INFN - Roma III
Pier Paolo Trapani - Università di Torino
Crispin Williams - INFN Bologna
Osman Zorba - Imperial College London/CERN

Other News

Date Description
24/8/2018 CAEN Digitizers, SiPM and EasyPET Acquisition Systems Training Course
6/4/2018 CAEN has been selected by ALICE collaboration to provide the high voltage system for the quadruple GEM chambers of the new TPC detector
5/3/2018 Beamline for schools @ CERN: studenti vincitori realizzano esperimento al Tifpa di Trento
29/9/2017 CAEN is proud to announce that is now downloadable for free its new multiparametric acquisition software CoMPASS
19/9/2017 CAEN Spa is very excited to announce that it has entered into a worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with Weeroc SAS
3/7/2017 CAEN SpA is pleased to announce to be official partner of ERASMUS Mundus Program for Physics Master
4/5/2017 CAEN has signed a distribution agreement with PSK Technology, Korean business leader in Radiation, Radiation applied Medical and Industrial field
15/12/2016 CAEN miniaturized A7501 modules provides HV for CEA Micromegas-based Telescope used for muon tomography of the pyramid of Giza
14/10/2016 CAEN is proud to announce its presence at 2016 IEEE NSS/MIC
2/5/2016 Uncovering Special Nuclear Materials by Low-energy Nuclear Reaction Imaging
21/3/2016 CAEN is pleased to announce the release of the new 2016/2017 Product Catalog
29/6/2015 WaveCatcher software first official release comes for 743 family.
22/6/2015 CAEN proudly announces the brand new CAENScope tool official release.
16/4/2015 New Application Note - Time Measurements with CAEN Waveform Digitizers
2/4/2015 CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Newsletter - 02.04.2015 issued
19/2/2015 CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Newsletter - 19.02.2015 issued
3/9/2014 New Application Note - Pulse Shape Discrimination with different CAEN digitizers running DPP-PSD firmware
26/6/2014 CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Newsletter - 26.06.2014 issued
7/5/2014 CAEN is proud to announce the official release of its new MC2 Analyzer software.
28/1/2014 New Application Note - Energy Resolution and Linearity of the MCA CAEN DT5780
15/1/2014 Accordo INFN - CAEN S.p.A: una nuova sinergia per la ricerca tecnologica e lo sviluppo industriale
20/12/2013 European Project to Secure Tap Water Against Radioactive Contamination Kicks Off
9/12/2013 Digital Detector Emulator series today available with a special discount
6/12/2013 730 Digitizer family today available with a special discount
10/5/2013 New release of DPP-CI (Digital Pulse Processing for Charge Integration) solution
28/3/2013 CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Newsletter - 28.03.2013 issued
18/5/2012 First release of DPP-PSD (Digital Pulse Processing for the Pulse Shape Discrimination) solution
15/3/2012 Best Young Speaker Award - Bormio 22 - 25 February 2012
3/2/2012 European Project for Nuclear Security Kicks Off
10/1/2012 SP5600B Kit has been nominated for the Best in Test 2012 Award in the category Data Acquisition.
23/12/2011 TRIUMF & CAEN DPP Workshops Conclusions
22/12/2011 CAEN awarded contract for the design and production of PMTs HV Power Supply System for NA62 LAV, MUV and CEDAR detectors.
21/11/2011 CAEN Protection Plan: 2 Year Extended Warranty.
7/11/2011 CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Newsletter - 07.11.2011 issued
27/10/2011 DT5780 Compact X-ray and Gamma-ray Spectrometer for Silicon, Germanium and Scintillator Detectors
25/10/2011 CAEN unveils the A2932 48 Channel 3 kV Common Floating Return Distribution Board with Current Monitor
19/10/2011 CAEN unveils the New Multi-channel HV and LV Mainframe system
14/10/2011 CAEN awarded contract for design and production of NA62 Liquid Krypton Calorimeter Readout Modules
3/10/2011 Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), has officially opened for astronomers.
5/8/2011 Diamond-based solutions in Physics and Power Electronics Workshop
27/7/2011 CANBERRA & CAEN DPP Workshops Conclusions
26/7/2011 CAEN, in collaboration with University of Padova, has developed an integrated mobile system called SMANDRA for port security.
1/6/2011 CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Newsletter - May 2011 issued
4/5/2011 CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Newsletter - April 2011 issued
18/4/2011 CAEN in Partnership with H@H - The Project comes to clinical validation.
4/4/2011 CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Newsletter - March 2011 issued
22/3/2011 PSI & CAEN DPP Workshop Conclusion
21/3/2011 CAEN held a Maintenance Training at ALMA Operations Support Facility
21/2/2011 CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Newsletter - February 2011 issued
28/1/2011 PSI & CAEN Workshop
18/1/2011 VME and DPP workshops in India scheduled for February
23/12/2010 Final Delivery of Low Voltage Power Supply for ALMA
25/10/2010 GSI and CAEN DPP Workshop Conclusions
30/6/2010 CERN Electronics Pool and CAEN DPP Workshop Conclusions
27/1/2010 CAEN to hold VME training course at Hanyang University, Seoul (Korea)