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Small Details Great Difference

New Std. NIM/Desktop (100240 Vac) High Voltage Power Supply

The new NDT14xx series can be used in a NIM crate or as a standalone unit. The local control has a new large color touch screen display with a completely redesigned user interface. The user friendly Control Software for CAEN Power Supply modules remotely controls the unit via the new Ethernet and USB connections.
  • 4 channels (SHV connectors)
  • Selectable positive or negative polarity
  • Interlock logic for board enable
  • Individual channel kill
  • Daisy-chain capability
  • Imon-Zoom: 50 pA
Available Models
V Full Scale
8 kV
500 V
5.5 kV
5.5 kV
Maximum Current
3 mA
300 A
20 A
Iset/Imon resolution
50 nA
5 nA
5 nA
1 nA (50 pA)
A1423 V993C N568E