NEW Product Selection 2017
NEW  Product Selection 2017
CAEN Digitzer
CAEN Digitzer

Digitizer Families

CAEN worldwide leader in the digitizer and pulse processing tecnology
Decades of experience in developing digitizers make CAEN the BEST IN CLASS for Digital Pulse Processing selected by many users and experiments worldwide
CAEN Digital Detector Emulators
CAEN Digital Detector Emulators

Digital Detector Emulators

DT5810 - DT5800 - DT4800 - NDT6800
The only family of Digital Detectors Emulators on the Market
Power Supply - A6001 - EASY BRIC1

A6001 - EASY BRIC1

B and Rad tolerant Intermediate Converter
BRIC1 is the first building block of the new EASY6000 family, the CAEN product line for the future HEP hostile environment electronics (...)